Cool Weather, the Garden, Update on Mom’s Friend, & New Goats

Hello everyone! I hope your week is going well. We are so excited to welcome cool weather to the South. Our low last night was supposed to be 47 degrees! I didn’t stay up to see if it reached 47, but I assure you, it got close. The high yesterday was 71 degrees. It was so nice!

Our Fall garden isn’t doing well. Looks like everything is dying except the carrots. Maybe it was too hot to plant when we did. I don’t know.

We are about to try the Back to Eden gardening method and plant potatoes and sweet potatoes. I hope it produces so much that we have produce coming out of our ears. My dad is somewhat skeptical of this method of gardening and I want him to see it works.

My mom’s friend who had bypass surgery last week is now at home doing well. I forgot to mention last week that the hospital she was in fed her FRIED fish the day we were there to see her before the surgery. You have 95% plus blockage in 5 arteries and you feed her fried food and chocolate cake???

We visited her again after the surgery. We called to see if she needed anything before we went. They told us to bring her a kids meal from Popeyes. The doctor said he didn’t care what she ate, just get some calories in her. So, she ate fried chicken, mashed potatoes with who knows what in them, and drank a Pepsi.

After she finished, the nurse came in to check hersugar. She’s a diabetic. Her sugar was 216. So they gave her insulin. Have you ever heard something so rediculous? Eat what you want and then give drugs to counteract it! The medical field never ceases to amaze me and not in a good way.

We welcomed a new goat to the homestead yesterday evening. Faith is a grown doe who looks like she may have babies. A week or so back we welcome 2 goats that we purchased from my grandparents. They are Sophie and her baby Rainy. We now have a total of 8 goats. Our buck, Splash, is off visiting my grandparents’ does, so he isn’t here right now. We have 2 does bred now and possibly the new one which would make 3. It’s always fun to have babies.

For more information about Homestead Nutrition, or to make an appointment, visit my website at homesteadnutrition.com. Have a healthy and blessed week!

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