My Experience with the Amish 

Hello everyone! Hope your Independence Day week is going well. We celebrated Independence Day with my grandparents and my mom’s brother at my grandparents’ home in Meadville. We had lots of good food and time spent with family. So, it was a good day.
On Monday we traveled to an Amish community about 4 hours from our home. We had been there once before and were a bit disappointed. At that time we didn’t see very many Amish farms. I think we bought some candles and candy, but that was about it. That was around 7 years ago, so we thought we would go back.
On Memorial Day this year, an Amish man purchased a goat from my grandparents. The Amish man had an English man to drive to meet us and deliver the goat back to him. Mom and I accompanied my grandparents to get to see the Amish man who we thought was coming with the English man. The Amish man didn’t come, but we were able to gain information about the community that we wouldn’t have otherwise learned. 
The English man told us about an organic Amish farm, which of course drew my attention. Most people think, as I did, that Amish produce is healthy/organic. This is far from the truth. Most use chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We have questioned several and they have all admitted to using these products. So, when we heard about this organic Amish farm, we wanted to go.
Monday when we arrived in the area where they all live, we weren’t sure where the organic farm was. We visited several farms and purchased soaps, candles, candy, tomato plants, beets, sauerkraut, etc. After visiting several farms we decided to call the English man who came to get the goat and ask where the organic farm was located. When we called him we were actually only about 5 minutes from the farm. We found it very easily after that.
We arrived at the farm and the first thing we saw was their sign advertising CHEMICAL FREE & NATURAL products.We arrived around 2pm and that’s important to remember. They had their products on the porch and we began to look around. The Amish lady was uncharacteristically friendly. I don’t mean that in a derogatory manner, but our experience in every Amish community has been that they aren’t overly friendly to Englishers. I know that’s their lifestyle and not a personal thing against us. This lady and one other lady we met there wasn’t like that. They were open to conversation.
We bought organic unheated sauerkraut, natural soaps with essential oils, lye soap for laundry, etc. We were asking questions as to what they use for fertilize and pesticides. The lady gave us several sources to order the products they use. Their farm is certified organic, so I feel we received valuable information.
As we were talking to the lady, the Amish man walked up. She told him what we were discussing and he began to share information as well. He took my dad to their shed and showed him the fertilize that they use. They were probably gone for 5 minutes or more. Mom and I continued talking to the lady and writing things down to check in to.
When the Amish man and my dad came back, the Amish man began talking to me about what I do as a natural health doctor.Apparently my dad had told him about me while they were gone to the shed. The man told me that they have a daughter that he would like for me to muscle test. He was familiar with muscle testing and so much more. I was totally shocked that he would ask for my help. I agreed to do whatever I could for her.
I use an app on my laptop to work off of. It’s a mind map of sorts. I look at it like an outline to keep things on track. I also use an exam list which is also on my computer. I use a therapeutic grade magnet which was in my office. The computer was also in my office. So I had nothing to work with, I thought. Now remember, the Amish do not use electronics. I wasn’t sure how much help I could be without my stuff. Then I remembered that I have the mind maps app on my iPhone. Did I dare ask if I could use it? I did. They had no problem with it. whew! My next problem. Was that lack of a magnet. I commented that I wished I had my magnet. They asked what kind I needed and would any kind do. They named the brand of magnet that they have and can you believe? It was the exact brand I use and was actually a bigger more expensive one than mine. I was blown away! I was in business now except for the exam notes, which I could work without. Later i remembered that I have the exam notes in my iPhone notes app, but we did ok without them.
I worked on the young lady for a long time. I tested her for the correct supplements, corrected misalignments, released generational emotions, removed a heart wall, released trapped emotions, etc. After working on her, the Amish man wanted me to work on him. We were doing all of this on their front porch. Customers would come and we would have to pause and then we would pick back up and continue on. Then a storm started brewing. It began to rain very hard and thunder some. Miss Priss was in the car and she is terrified of thunder. I suggested that Dad go sit with her. The Amish people told him to bring her to where we were. He did and she was pretty scared. The rain was so hard that we couldn’t hear each other unless we yelled. They had already tried to get us to move inside their house so we wouldn’t be interrupted by the customers. We didn’t want to push anything, so we remained outside.however, they insisted after the rain came so hard.
So, we went into what appeared to be their living room. Remember, there is no electricity. The windows were open. We sat in rockers that were probably made by the Amish. They were nice and comfortable. On our way inside, we passed a wood stove on the side porch where their children had been popping popcorn. The stove was very hot. We sat in their house and finished our work. Then we talked some and exchanged addresses to keep in touch. They want me to come back and work on the rest of the family. They have 11 children and the man and woman are my age. He’s 39 and she’s 40. Anyway, we hope to go back in August to do some more work. 
As we were leaving, we passed the wood stove again. It was fired up and supper was cooking. It smelled so good. It was potato soup. By the way, you remember I said we arrived at this farm at 2pm, we were leaving at a little after 6pm. 
They gave us pickles, molasses, bread, etc., all organic, for the work. I have to say, that was one of the neatest experiences I’ve had. I hope to keep in touch with them. They are such a sweet family and very knowledgeable in natural health and organics.They want to purchase more goats from my grandparents, so that’s a connection as well. It’s just a neat situation…Even telling it isn’t like experiencing it. Anyway, hope you enjoyed my story.
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