My Second Visit to the Amish

Hello everyone! Hope your week is going well. So far this week, there isn't much going on here. It's so hot! We are just trying to stay cool. It's not really even that you feel so hot, but you drip sweat due to the humidity. I was out about 5 to 10 minutes hanging my laundry out to dry, and literally had rivers of sweat running down my face. That's gross, I know, but that is just an example of what we're dealing with. I'm so ready for Fall/Winter!

I mentioned last week that we were going back to Amish country to do some more natural healing work. We went last Wednesday. I thought we would be testing 3 or 4 children and that would be all. I figured we would be there 3 to 4 hours at the most. Remember, the Amish do not have electricity or indoor bathrooms, at least this community doesn't. So, it was hot and I hoped to be done before a need for "the facility" was needed. We arrived around 9:30am and waited a few minutes for them to be ready for us since we were a little early. Shortly after arriving we began working.

It was not as hot as I expected in their house. There was a nice breeze blowing through the open windows. The young lady I first worked on was the first one in the chair this time. The first time we were there, she wouldn't open her mouth and held her lips a certain way to keep from speaking. She never smiled or showed any emotion. She wouldn't answer my questions. She had a number of issues. On that visit we released trapped emotions, corrected misalignments, tested for proper supplementation, etc. My heart went out to this girl. So over the next month after seeing her, I prayed for her. By the way, during that time she also wrote me a letter. So, on this second visit I began testing her.

We discovered that she no longer needed some of the supplements she had been taking. She was more talkative in that she would answer me. She would smile! She was still dealing with fear of saying a certain word and was holding her lips closed. The lips weren't as bad as before however. I tried to get her to tell me the word. I told her to spell it if she couldn't say it. She began silently weeping. Her parents tried to talk to her in Pennsylvania Dutch, which they speak to one another. They were trying to get her to talk to me. She would speak back to them, but of course, I don't understand Pennsylvania Dutch. They would tell me what they thought, but I knew we would get nowhere if she didn't open up.

She finally spelled the word to me. I had no supplement to offer or tricks to pull to help her keep from saying that word. But, I had one tried and true weapon. If she would use this weapon, she could defeat this temptation. I turned to her father and asked, "Do you pray in the name of Jesus?" I have no idea what they believe or teach as far as religion. He assured me that they do. I turned back to the girl and said, "When that word comes into your mind and you feel you're going to say it, I want you to say, 'I rebuke you in the name of Jesus' and that word will have to go. The devil is tempting you and he can't stay where the name of Jesus is spoken." I told her that I could give her advice on supplements or whatever, butt I had just given her the best advice she could ever receive. Her parents backed me 100%.

As we moved on to the other children, she was in and out of the area watching and smiling. The change in her from July 3rd to August 9th was amazing. I was very encouraged. It was good for me to get to witness that my work and my prayers are not in vain. To God be the glory!

This particular family has 11 children ranging from 3 to 18. After working on several of the older children, the chair was empty and the next thing we knew, the 3 year old little boy was sitting in the chair with his fingers held together waiting to be tested. It was so funny! He had been watching and decided it was his turn. I tested him too.

Around lunch time they told us they had prepared a meal for us. Now, we've been to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, and Mississippi Amish country, wishing so bad that we could tour an Amish home and eat at their table. We have friends who ate with an Amish family in Pennsylvania and even helped wash the dishes. They thought it was so neat. We had never done that, at least until last Wednesday. They led us into the kitchen where they had the longest table I've ever seen laid with a full meal cooked on a wood burning stove. We had a silent Amish prayer where it was so quiet you could have heard a rat licking ice, if there had been any ice. Then the food began to be passed around. Each end of the table had the same foods. We had mashed potatoes, pasta with herbs, corn, homemade Amish bread, some kind of meat we learned later was chicken bologna, fruit salad which was peaches and cheries, homemade oatmeal cookies, and butterscotch pie. We drank water. They had milk and butter, as well as honey on the table. We had decided that would eat whatever they set before us. We don't eat pork, so when I smelled the meat, I was worried since it smelled like ham. I could hardly eat it because I thought it was pork. It was extremely salty as well. Later they told us it was chicken bologna. They made it from their own chickens. It wasn't something I would want to eat again, but if we are invited back and they feed us, and that's what they serve, I'll eat it. Everything else was delicious.

When we finished we had another silent Amish prayer before anyone left the table. I forgot to mention that there was another Amish man there doing work on their horses teeth. He also ate with us. When we left the table, the Amish lady asked if we needed to visit the necessary. We didn't, but asked her to show us where it was in case we did later. Fortunately, we never had to venture down the path. We went back to work. At one point an English lady came over and ended up in my chair for testing. We worked on her and as she was leaving, she told me she'd be in touch. Earlier, the Amish man had asked if I would work on an Amish baby, but said they couldn't come over until 4 o'clock. I agreed. My chair would be empty for a few minutes and I would think I was finished and just waiting on that baby, and the next thing I would know, there would be another child in the chair. I worked on 10 of the 11 children and both parents. The 11th child was working at a sawmill and thought he was too tough for such things. That's how I missed out on working on him.

The lady arrived with the baby and I began to test him. He was 9 months old. He has been diagnosed with a hole in his heart and Down Syndrome. The lady is doing a great job with supplements. My heart went out to her and her baby. I pray the supplements, as well as prayer, make a difference for him. As we prepared to leave at a little after 5pm, they gave us a loaf of Amish bread and a quart of unheated sauerkraut. They are so giving and hospitable. I feel like we'll be going back. I really enjoy going and being able to help. I don't have any photos to share since they don't want people photographing them. In fact, I took no electronics with me in their home. I printed everything I would need before I left my office. We used hard copies of everything. I even dressed in all navy clothing. I know it wasn't necessary, but i never want to be an offense to anyone who holds stronger beliefs in any area than I do. So, anyway, it was a neat experience. I look forward to going back.

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