New Baby Goats

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great week. We have had a rainy week. Our gardens are getting too much water and that isn’t good. I hope they don’t drown.
I have two little cucumbers in my garden about an inch long. My plants have blooms, but they are in water. I hope the excess rain doesn’t ruin everything we’ve worked for in the gardens. 
In my news of the happenings of last week I forgot a very important part. We had a doe who was supposed to give birth on May 26th. This was going to be her first kids and we wanted to keep a close watch on her. Well, we left for Jasper, AR on May 21st. We knew we would be back home on the 23rd.
My grandparents take care of our homestead while we are gone. They arrived on May 21st after we had left. We received a phone call from my grandma informing us that Raisin, the doe, had given birth to two does. What a surprise for my grandparents and for us!
The problem with the situation was that Raisin wouldn’t let the babies nurse unless someone held her in place. This put extra work on my grandparents, but they had a blast with them. They spoiled those babies rotten. 
Raisin received her name because when she was a baby she wasn’t very friendly. My mom read that if you feed babies raisins from your hand they will warm up to you. So she did and Raisin grew to love raisins, but never really warmed up to us. So, after Raisin gave birth, as we were traveling home from Jasper, I asked my mom what she was going to name Raisin’s kids, Prune and Cranberry? We got a good laugh out of that. I think she named them Plum and Cranberry. She didn’t want to call anything prune. 🙂 
Anyway, Plum and Cranberry are doing great. Raisin has finally learned how to be a mom and is feeding them and caring for them properly. I’ll share a photo at the end.
For more information about Homestead Nutrition, or to make an appointment, visit my website at homesteadnutrition.com. Have a healthy and blessed week! 

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