Shipshewana, IN

Hello everyone! I hope your week is going well. We're having a lot of rain here. For the most part, however, it doesn't seem to be as hot. For that, we are very grateful.

Last Monday, July 31st, my mom and I left on a road trip taking my grandparents to Shipshewana, IN. They had never been and at ages 84 and 85 it wouldn't be wise for them to drive themselves. All Mom and I need is a good, or even a half way good, excuse to go on a trip. We traveled all day Monday, arriving in Shipshewana around 10pm Eastern time.

On Tuesday we shopped at the huge flea market for a while. Then we drove the sixteen miles to Michigan since my grandparents had never been. They were able to have their picture taken at the Michigan State sign.

We drove back to Shipshewana and drove through the countryside enjoying Amish country. We love to observe the Amish. You have to respect them and their simple lifestyle. They work very hard and have a strong work ethic. They aren't cumbered about with running here, there and everywhere. Their farms seem so quiet and peaceful. I observed that every time we passed an Amish home, you could hear the birds singing in a way that drew my attention. Maybe it's because my hearing is more sensitive because of being visually impaired. I don't know, but I thought it was interesting.

Tuesday evening we ate at the Blue Gate Restaurant. Their food is prepared as Amish food. I don't know for sure, but the cooks may be Amish. Also, it was neat to see signs on the buffet letting you know the food was non-GMO, gluten, and dairy free. I was impressed! And, the food was delicious! I highly recommend Blue Gate if you ever go to Shipshewana.

Tuesday evening we sat outside in front of our hotel watching the buggies and bicycles pass. It was so cool outside and we just enjoyed it. It was so nice!

Wednesday morning we revisited the flea market. After we finished there, we went back to Blue Gate to take pictures. The flowers there are beautiful! Then we headed on the first leg of the journey home. In Gary, IN we stopped to take my grandparents to Lake Michigan. They had never seen any of the Great Lakes. We put our feet in the water and took pictures and then headed on down the road.

About supper time, we arrived in Arcola, IL where we found, of all things, an Amish restaurant. We had another delicious meal. As we were leaving we asked if there were Amish close by to drive around and see their farms. We were given directions, and found ourselves in Amish country in Arthur, IL. It was such a neat place that we will probably be going back soon.

Thursday morning started the last leg of the journey. At Cairo, IL we visited Fort Defiance Park where the Ohio River runs into the Mississippi River. It's a pretty neat place. There is lots of history there. From there we were homework bound. Throughout the entire trip, we saw acres and acres of corn fields and soybean fields. It's pretty sad, since probably all of it is GMO and full of pesticides and such. We saw one Amish farm with a sign advertising organic corn. Honestly, among all the other, I don't see how it could possibly be.

We had a great time. It was very tiring, but well worth it all. My mom asked my grandparents where they wanted us to take them next year. I thought they would say Pennsylvania, but without hesitation they said Shipshewana. So, I guess it was a winner.

As you read this post, I have been back to Mississippi Amish country to again do some natural healing work. Since I am writing this post prior to going, I will have to leave you in suspense until next week.

For more information about Homestead Nutrition, or to make an appointment, visit my website at homesteadnutrition.com. Have a healthy and blessed week!

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