The Garden, the Fig Tree & New Baby Goats 

Hello everyone! Hope your week is going well. We are again getting rain. Tropical Storm Cindy is passing through our Mississippi Gulf Coast and blessing us with more rain. God knows what we need and at this rate the well won’t run dry. 
We are still getting tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden. Mom is canning tomato sauce, salsa, pickles, pickle relish, etc. We have also had a great harvest of blueberries. We have frozen several gallons to be canned later. Those have been great in smoothies as well as just for a snack. Even Miss Priss likes them.
My grandparents have a fig tree at their farm that once belonged to my grandmother’s father. My grandmother will be 84 years old in July, and she says she played under this fig tree at around age 6. The tree was moved from its original location to my grandparents’ place and continues to produce every year. My mom picked figs from it today and preserved them in jars. There are still figs on the tree.
While we were at my grandparents’ today their goat named Sophie gave birth to a buck and a doe. We also have a goat named Sophie who was due to give birth at any time. Not long after we returned home she gave birth to a baby doe. So, it’s been an exciting day around the barns of the McFarlands and Fosters.
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