Thoughts and Suggestions 

Hello everyone! Hope your week is going well. So far we’ve had a nice week.
We were able to spend some time with some special friends of ours this past weekend. We rarely get to see them, so it was nice to do so. The garden is also still producing, so that has kept us busy. So things have been hopping here.
I want to let you know about some other people I think have a handle on health, homesteading, or both. These are people I personally follow either their blogs or vlogs. Weed’m and Reap is a great homesteading family from whom you can learn. They have goats, sheep, chickens, etc. The sense of humor is also great.
Justin Rhodes and his family are on the great American Farm Tour and it’s neat to track their travels across the U.S.A. Off grid with Doug and Stacie is another great homestead to follow. Baker Creek Seed Company, which I have visited in person, is a great learning source.
For more healthy lifestyle pointers I recommend Our Plant Based Bunch. They are on YouTube just about every day. Also, Extreme Health Radio, which I have learned so much from, is probably number one on my favorites list. Justin and Kate know their stuff and have guests that are second to none. I highly recommend their YouTube channel and podcast. There are many more that I could recommend, but I’ll stop here. I’ll get back to health articles when things get back to normal here.
For more information about Homestead Nutrition, or to make an appointment, visit my website at homesteadnutrition.com. Have a healthy and blessed week!

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