Thoughts this Week 

Hello everyone! Hope this finds you having a great week. We had our first full day of sunshine here today in around 3 weeks! We were beginning to think we would need to build an ark if the rain continued. Fortunately, we have a 4 day reprieve as it stands now. It’s been beautiful today!
The garden seems to be doing ok. My little garden may not fair so well. It’s in a lower spot and holds water pretty bad. I hope my veggies survive, but the jury is still out at this point.
Lately I have been hearing more and more stories of the medical field doing more harm than good. One of my clients told me about a doctor who told her to eat lots of white potatoes and no sweet potatoes. She had candida. He told her to avoid cabbage, greens, etc. I was shocked, although I should not have been. It’s quite apparent that particular doctor didn’t want this lady to get well. He didn’t want her to eat healing foods insuring that she would continue seeing him and taking his drugs.
I know of another man with a heart problem who has been damaged probably for the rest of his life because of unnecessary actions that caused complications. I can’t tell you how many elderly people I’ve heard of lately dying prematurely. It seems that when a certain group is called in to “help” the people die soon after. Euthanasia isn’t legal, but I fear it is being done.
I encourage my readers to seek out holistic health practitioners, naturopaths, etc. if you want true help. God gave us everything we need in nature to heal our bodies naturally. We don’t have to be subjected to harmful and potentially fatal treatments. Be careful and do your homework if you have health problems. You don’t have to follow the mainstream. 
For more information about Homestead Nutrition, or to make an appointment, visit my website at homesteadnutrition.com. Have a healthy and blessed week!

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